Urdu sociolinguistics

The Urdu language has been at the forefront of political and cultural debates in India since the second half of the nineteenth century. Some of the main issues fiercely debated have been the official status of Urdu with regard to Hindi. Other issues such as the origin of Urdu and its relationship with Hindi and other Indian languages have also been hotly debated. Another critical issues has been the teaching of Urdu in educational institutions in states such as UP, Bihar, Delhi, MP, etc. in Independent India. On the level of the structure of the language, there have been issues of script for writing Urdu namely the Perso-Arabic, Devanagari, or Roman. Another issues has been the loanwords from Persian and Arabic. Urdu constitutes a gold-mine for linguistic research.

I started working on different aspects of Urdu since my M.Phil. degree. Here are some of my work on Urdu linguistics, largely sociolinguistic aspects of it.

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